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Why Won't My Car Crank?

Providing that cars are running well, most owners don't go around giving them much thought. They expect the vehicles to crank whenever they turn the key in the ignition. However, when nothing happens, or something besides what was supposed to happen, the episode can leave folks wanting to pull out handfuls of their hair. After all, problems tend to occur at the most inopportune times, like after an individual goes grocery shopping or when they had a challenging day at the office.

If Upland residents run into such troubles, they should not fret, as trustworthy and professional help is closer to home than they might believe. All Transmissions & Auto Repair is conveniently located at 1820 W. 11th St.; Unit D. Our technicians have the experience, know-how, and equipment to diagnose your cranking issues. Then, they will fix them up to get you back behind the wheel promptly. Now, let's explore some of the common reasons why a vehicle may fail to start.

A Dead Battery Or Corroded Connections

Car batteries are only good for so many cranks. After the cells become dead, there is usually not enough juice to turn the engine over. Instead, nothing happens when the key is turned to the run position of the ignition. Meanwhile, on other occasions, it is not uncommon for a clicking sound to be heard when a person attempts to crank the vehicle. The unit itself may need to be replaced if these signs present themselves. Then again, the posts and terminals could just need to be cleaned to get the battery charging again.

A Malfunctioning Starter

When a vehicle's starter motor goes bad, the unit can produce clicking sounds as well. If teeth are missing on the piece or flywheel, the car owner might hear a fast spinning noise too. These types of starter issues can prevent engines from cranking. When nothing whatsoever happens when the key is turned in the ignition, a faulty electrical relay or solenoid could be the culprit. One or more parts may need to be replaced to get the vehicle cranking again.

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At All Transmission our range of services start at Transmission service and repair and continue's through routine maintenance to a simple oil change. You'll find that our comprehensive auto repair service covers any repair that you will need. With us, you'll always get fair prices, FREE estimates, a quick turnaround, and professional service.


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